Thursday, January 3, 2008

Interesting Artifacts About Satellite TV

The first worldwide satellite communication systems concept was developed by Arthur C. Clarke. In addition, the first communication Satellite TV was invented by team of businesses and government entities in sixties. Syncom II orbited at 22,000 miles over the Atlantic and this initiated the first satellite communication on July 26, 1963, between a U.S. Navy ship in Lagos, Nigeria and the U.S. Army naval station in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Furthermore, satellite communication was officially used by the television industry in 1978. In 1975, RWT's co-founder and BBC transmitter engineer Stephen Birkill created experimental system for receiving Satellite Instructional Television.

Marching upward the Satellite TV took a quantum leap when Birkill system started receiving TV pictures from Intelsat, Raduga, Molniya and others. In 1978, Birkill tied Bob Cooper, a US based cable TV technical journalist and amateur radio enthusiast after inviting to a cable TV operators' conference and trade show, the CCOS-78 were Birkill met with other satellite TV enthusiasts, who were interested, and upfront in taking Birkill's experiments to practical level.

Television Receive Only (TVRO) satellite technology boom caught high level of appreciation and practical use by cable programmers, who become conscious about the real potentialities of satellite TV in early 70’s.By the middle of 70’s, satellite TV reception was under the direct control of international operators, Intelsat and Intersputnik respectively.

In 1980, the Federal Communications System (FCC) established the Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), comprising broadcast satellite positioned in geostationary orbit, facilities for transmitting signals to the satellite, besides the equipment necessary to access the signals seamlessly. However, the broadcasters developed methods of mixing up their signals, which forced the consumers to purchase a decoder, or a direct to home (DTH) satellite receiver, from a satellite program provider.

By the merger of SPACE and the Direct Broadcast Satellite Association in 1986, a completely new organization came into existence. This organization was named as The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association of America (SBCA). This resulted in powered boom of broadcast cable connections amongst the home entertainment as well as commercial entertainment industry.

Thus, with the result of stipulated growth in the communication technology, today it is virtually possible to watch any program in any language and anywhere across the world.

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