Friday, September 23, 2011

How to Get a Free Satellite TV System on Your PC

Did you know that you can have unlimited access to most of the satellite TV channels that are available on normal cable and satellite TV for free? Yes, it's true. If you have a basic windows pc and access to the internet, you can get software that will allow you to access hundreds or even thousands of satellite TV channels for free without a subscription and without the need to install a satellite dish.

There are many software packages that will allow you to get a free satellite TV system. Some of these software programs are free, but they often come with a lot of spy ware and annoying ads. Also, most of the free ones don't allow you to access some of the more high quality channels for sports, news, movies and documentaries. They start asking you to subscribe in order to get those extra channels. But there's software that you can buy that will give you lifetime access to hundreds of channels with no monthly subscription fees, no ad ware and no annoying ads. It's one of the best ways to get a free satellite TV system which you can watch on your pc. The software is very affordable so you don't have to worry about price.

To get started, you need a good basic computer and at least dial up access to the internet. A high speed internet access or broadband will make your viewing experience much more enjoyable and a better more recent computer will do much better than an old one. But all you need is a basic computer which runs any version of the windows operating system such as Windows 95, 98, XP etc. You'll also need a sound and video card installed on your pc. Most pc's come with these installed as standard. For the free satellite TV system to work you'll need to purchase the Satellite TV for pc software and install it on your pc.

If you also want to be able to connect your TV to your pc so that you can access the free satellite TV system, then you'll also need to get a TV-out connection. Otherwise you can just watch all the satellite TV programs on your pc. The satellite TV for pc software will give you instant access to news channels, sports channels, movie channels, documentaries, educational programs, religious programs and much more. You'll be able to watch TV from different countries and in different languages.

Click here to download software that will give you instant access to thousands of satellite TV channels for free and visit the Satellite TV Guide for information about Cable & Satellite TV Providers.

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True Lies About Free Satellite TV On PC

There are a lot of websites and advertisements online promising you free satellite TV, the type that you receive directly to your PC or laptop computer. It's all lies. And it's all true. I'll explain. But first we'll need to talk a little bit more about satellite TV.

Direct Broadcast Satellite (or DBS) is satellite TV service that you pay for, like DirecTV or Dish Network in the US or Sky in the UK. These networks own most of the popular and recognizable channels, such as HBO for movies and MTV for music. Anyone who tells you that you can get these channels for free is either lying or assuming that one or both of you are willing to break the law. Furthermore, when a website includes the logo of MTV or HBO somewhere on their sales page when they are trying to sell you their free satellite TV software, this is an example of misleading advertising.

If you want free satellite TV without most of these familiar channels, you do have two options. First, you can set up your "receive-only" satellite TV system, also known as "TVRO." These systems predate DBS systems and use a different frequency for receiving their programming. They also use dishes that are bigger than DBS dishes, and sometimes you have to be able to move them to direct them toward different satellites. After setting up your system, you would have to find out what programming is on and when. There are some quality resources on the Web now available for this purpose, such as TVRO systems are great for those who know what a Low Noise Block Converter is and how get the most out of their actuator - which of course means they're not great for everyone.

For everyone else there's the Web. Yes, it is true that you can watch free satellite TV on your computer screen. It is much closer to what is known as "Internet TV," but is still referred to as "satellite TV to PC," especially by those advertising software designed for this purpose. More specifically, this software allows easy access to satellite TV broadcasts that are streamed live over the Web. It goes for anywhere between $20 to $80, and promises thousands of channels. One good thing about these set-ups is that you get a lot of programming from other countries and other cultures. And we can all do with a good dose of culture now and then.

There are websites that offer some of the same content without having to buy the software. But in some situations, the software - if it is good software - can make the process much easier and add a bit of order to the chaos of the programming cosmos. As with any product, you should do at least a minimal amount of research to find out what you are getting. That means doing more than just reading a long sales page by the company trying to sell you their product.

Some Direct-to-PC satellite TV offers cost more than others, and some promise more than others. Some have good reputations in terms of customer service and support. Others should be ashamed of themselves. Choose wisely.

Drew Surrey writes on a TV culture changing in the age of the Internet and digital technology. For more on your satellite TV to PC options, check out our review site:

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

3 Ways to Get Free Digital Satellite TV on Your PC

These days everybody is talking about high definition TV (HD) and watching satellite TV on your pc for free. But how can you get satellite TV on your pc. There are 3 different ways that are very popular. You can get free digital satellite TV by accessing the TV channels over the internet, by installing a pc TV card or by installing software that will allow you to watch TV on your pc.


This used to be the most popular way a while ago. You'll need a fairly good pc and you'll also need to purchase a PCTV Card. Using the equipment specified by your PCTV Card supplier, you'll be able to connect the card to your computer and use it to access TV channels. Compared to the other two, this method requires a bit more work and also you'll need a basic knowledge of computers so that you can connect all the parts together. Some PCTV Cards come as standalone packages while others require you to open up your computer and insert the PCTV Card inside. If you're not sure what you're doing it's best to leave this to the experts. The two other methods of accessing free digital satellite TV on your pc do not require additional hardware, TV aerials or a lot of expertise with computers.


Because of recent advances in technology, there are now a large number of satellite TV channels that will let you watch TV from their website. The TV programs are streamed right to your pc. All you'll need is software like windows media or real player to watch their programs. Of course, you need access to the internet and if you're still using dial up this can be very slow and you won't be able to use the phone while you're watching TV over the internet. If you have high speed internet access or broadband, your viewing experience will be far much better. This is a great way to watch free digital satellite TV on your pc.


This is the most popular method. It's one of the most popular topics in forums online at the moment. You have to download a piece of software called "satellite TV for pc" and install it on your pc. This software will give you access to hundreds of free digital satellite TV channels. There are no monthly subscription fees and you'll get to watch sports, movies, news, TV shows, documentaries and much more. You'll also get access to TV channels from other countries and in different languages. This is the easiest and fastest way if you want access to a lot of satellite TV channels. To get started, just download the software, install it on your pc and you'll start watching free digital satellite TV instantly on your pc.

Click here to download software that will give you instant access to thousands of satellite TV channels for free and visit the Satellite TV Guide for information about Cable & Satellite TV Providers. Copyright ? 2007 Bridget Mwape.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Satellite Tv On Pc: The Basics

When it comes to watching TV on your computer, you can go down one of two roads: the hardware one or the software one. If you take the hardware road, what you're going to buy is called a TV-PC tuner card. This comes either as a card that you install inside your computer that creates an external socket for your TV aerial, or as a USB device that will happily plug into the outside of your machine. This will allow you to receive television signals directly to your computer, and is handy for someone who has recording options on their computer that they can use for television content. This option, however, will not allow you to get any TV content that you are not already getting or entitled to either through a paid subscription service of free public television content.

If you take the software road, you are entering the land of "Internet television," which is at once a land of promise and a land of confusion. Here's what it entails:

1) There is plenty of free stuff available legally online by way of video clips and streaming content. This stuff can be anything from an amateur video on You Tube to streaming news clips associated with a professional news agency. Many satellite TV stations also stream live on the web, and there are a handful of websites that link you to this content.

2) You can opt to buy a software application (for anywhere from $25 to $125) that will provide direct links (often numbering in the thousands) to national and international satellite television programming. The software in most cases is downloadable online, and will open the chosen content in a standard media player.

Both of these first two options can be hit or miss as far as finding what you really want. And no, you cannot legally get MTV or HBO for free. What you do find is often a grab bag of foreign language and religious programming, and your search will be rife with browser incompatibility problems, applet errors, broken links, and endless buffering. If you do go with the proprietary software solution for a very low price, you can count on getting what you pay for.

3) You can also use peer-to-peer (P2P) applications to share video files with others. The technology itself is legal, but distributing and/or receiving protected television programming is not. But in this case at least you know what you're getting.

In the coming years, paid satellite TV subscriptions will go down in price and the offerings that are available for free will go up in quality. TV programming online will also improve, and the practice of micro-payments for certain content may help drive this change. In the meantime, searching for satellite TV programming online, often from other countries, will continue to be an unpredictable and often surreal experience, but it can also be a serendipitously rewarding one.

Drew Surrey writes on a changing TV culture in the age of the Internet and digital technology. For more on your TV to PC options, check out

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Satellite TV on Your PC - The Truth Behind The Technology

There's a lot of hype about Satellite TV on Your PC at the moment, but what's the truth? is it really free and is totally legal? find out the facts in this revealling article.

Most of us have heard all about high definition television sets, plasma and LCD televisions and digital broadcasting, but did you know there is an amazing emerging technology that is allowing us to watch free satellite TV via the Internet? not only that, but you can record any of these satellite TV shows on your PC and come back and watch them later, and plug your computer into your big-screen TV and watch it there.

What Kind of Hardware Do I Need?

To watch satellite TV on your computer, you need either a PCTV card or Specific Satellite TV Software. There are two types of PC TV cards for internet satellite TV. One type has a built in processor that allows you to watch satellite TV on your PC in a designated window, while the PC continues to run other programs. Other PCTV cards use the PC's infrastructure to decode satellite signals, allowing you to enjoy free-to-air digital TV and radio. Both kinds of PCTV cards are compatible with broadband internet via satellite.

To watch satellite TV on your PC, you will need a relatively new computer. At worst, you'll need a Pentium II 333 MHz processor, and you will need to be running at least Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. For satellite TV on PC, you'll also need a sound card, a spare USB port and a CD-ROM drive.

How Do I Gain Access To The Satellite TV on PC Network?You can access PC satellite TV in a few ways. First, you can directly connect your PC to a satellite dish using a designated product, such as Hauppauge 3000, or directly through your internet cable. It's also possible to connect via the satellite box of your network provider. Several satellite TV companies recommend that you use their proprietary satellite TV receiver box when setting up satellite TV for PC.

One important factor you must be aware of when choosing a satellite TV for your PC provider, is that there are no free lunches!? It seems nowadays everywhere we look people are advertising "free satellite TV on PC".? But, is it really free?? And in short the answer is yes and no! What I mean by that is that some PC satellite TV vendors to provide software that streams satellite TV over the Internet to your computer and gives you a selection of hundreds of channels.? This software is not free, but he is very inexpensive and typically costs less than one months subscription fee to the likes of DirecTV.? The best part is the top satellite TV on your PC vendors do not charge any monthly fees at all, and the very best providers offer regular free updates to their service.

What Do I Need To Be Aware Of?One example where you may see " free satellite PC TV" that you need to be very wary of, is an example where a pirate company will hack into a legitimate satellite TV signal from a company such as DirecTV and steal that signal.? This of course is very illegal and does catch a lot of unsuspecting people out, one of the problems with this is the fact that it is illegal, and the pirate company has to buy equipment to allow them to hack into these satellite TV signals which of course costs money.? One way to know is if you are asked to purchase and access card as opposed to using Satellite TV for PC software on your computer.? What may and start out as a seemingly free service will most likely turn into an expensive one because the companies that provide the signals like DirecTV regularly hit these cards and scramble the signals, this requires reprogramming to access the satellite TV signal again and can become very expensive for you, the end user.

Final Thoughts; Satellite TV for PC is a great, straightforward way to access digital television, especially if you a computer geek with a great screen and sound on your PC!

Andrew?Kelly is a successful author and technology reviewer who's mission is helping people find the best products and avoid the scams. Discover The Truth About Satellite TV on Your PC HERE

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